A Little Village Couple Celebrates Their Heritage By Selling Mexican Coffee

As it did for so many others, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Alma and Cristóbal Mora of Little Village to reconsider their priorities. The couple considered the things that made them excited and proud, as well as the changes they desired to see in the world, as they fantasized about establishing a family business. In October 2021, they founded Bueno Days to explore their Mexican-American heritage through their passion for coffee.

Alma states, “Many people consume coffee on a regular basis but do not know much about it.” “We wished to convey that, as well as what it means to be from multiple places. We are aware that so many individuals can identify with that sentiment.”

The company sells Mexican-origin coffee beans and cold brews at pop-up events in Chicago. During the Más Allá Hispanic Heritage Month dinner series at Bar Esmé, the lounge of the Michelin-starred Lincoln Park restaurant, they will demonstrate how their coffee is made while serving it alongside a four-course meal accompanied by Johnnie Walker cocktails.

“We will discuss soil and how it affects the coffee, as well as microclimates and how things are ultimately processed in the mills,” Cristóbal says.

Alma has been drinking coffee for as long as she can remember; when she was two years old, her grandmother and mother would give her instant coffee and plenty of milk.

She stated, “It was just so customary and a part of our family gatherings.” “It was never specifically about coffee quality. It was only about the coffee you shared together.”

Coffee was not introduced to Cristóbal until college, when a barista friend gave him espresso. Before pursuing a career in marketing, Cristóbal worked briefly in a cafe, but he never lost his passion for coffee.

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