Love fall flavors? Swap your PSL for one of these 12 creative coffees around metro Phoenix

Nothing compares to a hot beverage from a coffee shop. Whether you prefer a short, forceful shot of espresso or a creamy, long latte, getting your daily coffee fix could be just as important as washing your hair or brushing your teeth.

Coffee shop trips, on the other hand, are costly, and if the shutters fall down, as they did during the global epidemic, you can find yourself without access to a delightful cup of Java every day. The best coffee makers come in helpful in this situation, allowing you to brew espresso and a range of coffee-based drinks at home.

According to UK retailer, coffee machine sales soared by 412 percent during the outage. Having one of the best coffee makers, however, is only half the battle; knowing the tips and tricks used by baristas in coffee shops to ensure a quality brew every time is also necessary. If you’re not one of the quarter of Americans who learned how to use an espresso machine properly during the lockdown, pay attention (according to Mr Coffee).

Luke Powell, Speciality Coffee Manager at Sage, a firm that develops espresso machines and bean-to-cup coffee makers including the Bambino Plus and Barista Touch, spoke with us.

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