You Could Win A Year Of Free Coffee If You Participate In The Louisville Coffee Trail

This week through Friday, Oct. 15, the first Louisville Coffee Trail event will take place.

The concept is that participants will visit all 12 of the trail’s local coffee shops and fill up a bingo card with their visits. Place an order at each shop, and they’ll cross off the area that belongs to them. Specialty cocktails have been made at some of the locations on the card, and they are worth two spaces. Each visit to all other locations counts as one slot.

These coffee shops represent businesses from all across Louisville, so it’s not just a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and develop links to other sections of town, but it’s also a great method to satisfy your caffeine requirement.

Those who fill up five slots in a row on their bingo cards and have receipts for the grand prise drawing are eligible for rewards.

Did we mention that you should keep your receipts? You’ll need these in order to claim your winnings.

The Ultimate Caffeine Prize Package, worth over $1,500 in locally roasted coffee, coffee merch, gift cards, and 365 days of coffee at Fante’s, will be awarded as the main prise. This is a must-try for everyone who enjoys the roasted energy bean.

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