This Popular Coffee Chain Is Currently Outperforming Starbucks and Dunkin’

If you haven’t visited a Dutch Bros. coffee shop yet, you most likely live in an eastern state. That is because the chain is already widespread throughout the Western United States and is rapidly expanding in Texas and the remainder of the Great Plains.

However, the number of locations does not tell the full story of this chain’s success: for that, look at Dutch Bros.’ most recent sales figures in comparison to those of Starbucks and Dunkin’, the country’s two largest coffee chains. Dutch Bros. is crushing its major competitors in terms of overall sales and same-store visits. The company not only survived but thrived during the pandemic.

Dutch Bros. was founded in 1992 in Grants Pass, Oregon, as a pushcart espresso vendor by brothers Travis and Dane Boersma. It took many years for Dutch Bros. to grow into the coffee chain it is today. And, with a fiercely loyal customer base and a highly efficient drive-thru business model at its core—which was instrumental in the company’s pandemic success—Dutch Bros. appears poised to continue growing.

Here’s everything you need to know about this fan-favorite brand that’s blowing away the competition. For more information, visit Wendy’s Just Struck a Deal That Will Transform the Way It Operates.

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