5 coffee brands you can feel good about supporting

When you first wake up in the morning and pour your first cup of coffee, you are probably not thinking about its origins. However, you should. The global coffee industry is rife with inequity, with many farming families unable to earn a living wage. By purchasing Fair Trade coffee, consumers can be confident that they are supporting producers who care about these farmers, their communities, and the environment.

We’ve identified several brands across the United States that are going above and beyond to do good in the coffee community. These are coffees you can drink with confidence, both for their mission and their flavour.

Coffee utopia
Coffee in the Utopian
Indiana’s Fort Wayne

Brendon Maxwell, the owner of Utopian, personally travels to the coffee-growing regions from which he sources his beans to ensure that ethical business practises are followed, to innovate new ways to work with farmers, and to form partnerships with organisations such as Run for Congo Women, which benefits Women for Women International. In Fort Wayne, Utopian’s certified organic coffees are incorporated into bags and beverages at a sunny café located in the historic district of The Landing.

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