Grow, ship, pour, analyze – how Counter Culture Coffee drives their sustainable coffee business forward with Zoho One

Readers are well aware that I am not a press release junkie. However, what if you communicate your news through customer interviews? Surprisingly few companies attempt it – but it worked for Zoho during the July 2021 launch of their business intelligence platform (A customer view on the analytics journey, via the Premo Group).

Zoho has new Zoho One news on the way – so why not repeat the feat? This time, I found myself in a Zoom interview with Counter Culture Coffee, a Zoho One customer. But first, some highlights from Zoho’s Zoho One release:

There are five new apps, three new services, and seven platform enhancements.”

Over 40,000 organisations have chosen Zoho One as their operating system since its release in 2017. Throughout the months of global and economic crises, Zoho One saw a 60 percent year-over-year increase in customer base, with the average number of apps used by businesses increasing “to the age of 21.”
What is my agenda in light of this news? How is Zoho’s approach to Zoho One, which is “all you can eat,” affecting adoption? I like the pricing model that allows for increased app usage without changing the terms of the licence. The news indicates that the Zoho One business model is successful – but what do customers think?

The coffee business, with its numerous channels – this is where Zoho One comes in.
It’s time to speak with Bryan Duggan, Counter Culture Coffee’s Wholesale Operations Manager. Duggan’s story exemplifies how Counter Culture Coffee operates. Duggan began his career with Counter Culture Coffee in 2009 as a call centre agent. However, Duggan’s role has evolved; he is now intimately familiar with Counter Culture Coffee’s sales operations and supply chain. He is responsible for the sales operations for Counter Culture Coffee’s three distribution channels. Duggan clarifies:

I’ve spent the majority of my time here in our wholesale department. Counter Culture Coffee purchases green coffee, roasts it, and distributes it throughout the United States. We sell our coffee through three distinct channels. We sell coffee wholesale to restaurants, coffee shops, and individuals who use it as an ingredient in their business. We have a grocery line that supplies coffee to supermarkets. Then there’s B2C, which means we sell directly to consumers via our website.

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