Breakthrough Single-Serve Coffee System, Bruvi, Now Available for Pre-Order

Today, the single-serve coffee system that produces significantly tastier coffee begins accepting pre-orders for its innovative brewer.

The Bruvi Bundle is currently available for pre-order in a limited quantity and includes the coffee brewer, a variety pack of 22 B-PodsTM, a water filter, and a reusable canvas Japanese knot bag. At $198, this is a 45 percent discount off the retail price.

“When we founded Bruvi, our goal was to create the ideal synthesis of coffee’s craft and science. Second, we wanted to address the very real problem of plastic waste with a smart and practical solution,” explained Mel Elias, Bruvi’s Co-Founder. Bruvi is currently available for preorder for $198 at

At-home coffee consumption and premiumization are increasing at a faster rate than ever before, owing in part to the pandemic. Bruvi meets this need by providing high-quality coffee and beverage variety in a single-serve format with the convenience, affordability, and ease of use associated with single-serve, as well as eco-friendly pods.

Bruvi promises coffee that is noticeably tastier than other single-serve brewers — stronger, hotter, and with noticeably less bitterness — thanks to proprietary technology such as Auto Precision BrewingTM and super premium coffee. Bruvi’s single-serve capsule system brews filter coffee, true espresso, Americanos, and the world’s first cold brew. B-PodTM coffees are all certified sustainable, super premium craft coffees, including Bruvi house brands and a curated selection from favourite roasters.

“Our goal in creating Bruvi was to create the ideal marriage of coffee craft and science. Second, we wanted to address the very real problem of plastic waste in a thoughtful and practical manner “Mel Elias, Co-Founder of Bruvi, stated.

Only Bruvi B-Pods can be recycled or thrown away. With the Guilt Free TossTM, B-PodsTM are uniquely designed to degrade significantly faster in a landfill than untreated plastics via an organic process that produces no microplastics. The pods may also be used in Landfill Gas to Energy projects in applicable landfills, generating renewable energy and enhancing end-of-life value.

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