Capitol Hill, your adaptogenic mushroom coffee joint is ready — Wunderground Cafe planning Hilloween opening

The newly launched Wunderground company announced that founder Jody Hall and chef Alyssa Lisle will open a new grain bowl, bone broth, and mushroom coffee cafe in the space formerly occupied by Hall’s E Pike Cupcake Royale location on Halloween.

This summer, CHS reported on a new coffee company that combines the “health benefits” of mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps with the daily ritual and “antioxidant properties” of coffee, as well as plans for a new flagship cafe and headquarters on E Pike.

Wunderground Cafe is now ready to open in the former cupcake shop, serving as a “physical hub” for the new brand, “focusing on food that nourishes without depriving and encouraging people to explore and play within the space.”

Along the cafe’s north wall, the revamped cafe will feature new art by prolific design firm Electric Coffin, as well as a “curio cabinet” featuring artist collaborations, merchandise, and Wunderground beans and instant offerings for sale. The cafe’s menu will feature mushroom coffee concoctions, grain bowls, fermented foods, a bone broth infused with Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, as well as sandwiches, salads, and Wunderground-made pastries. “Both vegan and non-vegan dishes, as well as those with and without mushrooms, will be available,” Wunderground notes.

Wunderground’s flagship coffee and tea beverages will feature espresso with the addition of adaptogenic mushrooms, including house-made vanilla bean syrup and dark chocolate syrup, as well as a 500mg mushroom punch for any drink.

“In the spirit of our coffee, I want the Wunderground cafe menu to be both healthy and approachable,” Lisle stated in a press release announcing the opening plans. “Food, particularly food that is beneficial to your body, should taste amazing. Wellness is not a matter of deprivation; it is a matter of celebration.”

Wunderground Cafe is hosting a free launch celebration with food, drinks, and gifts on Saturday, and the event is open to guests who RSVP.

Sunday’s festivities will be Halloween-themed, with giveaways, free coffee, and drink specials, including Hocus Pocus Witch’s Cold Brew and The Brain Wash, a “signature latte” made with Wunderground “Time to Rise” espresso, oat milk, and mushroom vanilla syrup.

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