A Melbourne barista has just been crowned world champion

We’ve always believed that our coffee was the best in the world, but now we know for certain: Anthony Douglas of Axil Coffee Roasters has won this year’s World Barista Championship. Anthony, the first Australian to be crowned champion in seven years, stated that he “could not have done it without the unwavering support and dedication of the Axil team, who have been by his side for the past nine years, inspiring [him].”

In the World Barista Championship, 47 exceptional competitors from around the world competed in multiple rounds. When Anthony advanced to the second round with the top 16 competitors and then to the finals with the top six, Melburnians were already ecstatic. Now, Anthony’s ascent to the number one spot is not only big news for Melbourne residents, but for all coffee lovers in Australia.

The taste, presentation, and technical skills of Anthony and the other competitors were evaluated by judges from around the world. For his signature drink, Anthony displayed his flair and expertise by enhancing the coffee with thoughtfully paired ingredients, such as Colombian honey, lacto-fermented passionfruit, hibiscus cold brew tea, and ‘cryodesiccated’ date syrup.

Anthony said of his victory, “I am incredibly proud to be named this year’s world champion and honored to represent Australia and Melbourne on the international stage.”

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