Dunkin’ becomes latest US coffee chain to upgrade loyalty offering

In response to consumer demand for greater flexibility and variety in a loyalty program, Dunkin’ has rolled out Dunkin’ Rewards nationwide.

Dunkin’ Rewards replaces the company’s previous initiative, DD Perks, and features increased flexibility, an improved food offering, and a new Boosted Status loyalty tier for Dunkin’s most frequent customers.

Under the new system, Dunkin’ Rewards members will receive ten points for every dollar spent, as opposed to five points previously. In addition, rewards can now be redeemed with 150 points rather than 200, allowing members to redeem a reward after spending $15.

In addition to coffee and other beverages, customers can now redeem their points for a variety of food items, such as donuts, bagels, and sandwiches.

Dunkin’, which operates over 9,200 locations in the United States, has also introduced Boosted Status, a new loyalty tier within Dunkin’ Rewards for members who visit the chain 12 times per calendar month. Enhanced Status unlocks additional points and perks for the subsequent three months.

“When we decided to improve DD Perks, we surveyed our members to determine what they desired in a new program. They mentioned three things: adaptability, variety, and acknowledgement. And we did just that — we overcame the three largest obstacles to provide a new and improved customer experience for Dunkin’ fans, as stated by Dunkin’ President Scott Murphy.

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