his Storage Container That Keeps an Entire Bag of Coffee Beans Fresh Is Now Only $24

Even though the bags that whole coffee beans are packaged in are intended to preserve their freshness, it can be difficult to preserve their flavor profile to the very end, especially if you live alone. This is where clever items such as the Veken Coffee Canister come in.

This airtight container prevents your coffee from going stale or spoiling, preserving the bean’s flavor and freshness until the very end of the bag. The additional good news is that it is only $24 on sale.

This 22-ounce stainless steel container is designed to block out light, moisture, and oxygen, three elements that degrade the flavor of beans. Its airtight lid is sealed with a steel bail clasp and has a special breather valve with a filter to release the carbon dioxide that beans emit. Customers adore this feature, with some noting their appreciation for the included replacement filters.

It comes with additional benefits. The interior of the tall, circular body is marked with measurements for keeping track of how much coffee is inside. It also features an adjustable date tracker on the lid to help you remember when you placed the coffee in the container and when it will expire. The container includes a scoop that attaches to the hook for convenient storage.

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