Boost your morning with a Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine on sale for $149.99

The necessity of a warm morning brew increases as the temperature drops. And if you want to save money compared to daily trips to Starbucks, invest in a machine that is simple but offers more options than a standard drip coffee maker.

De’Longhi’s Nespresso Vertuo Next Deluxe coffee and espresso machine will save you time every morning. Amazon is currently selling it for $149.99, which is only about $10 less than its previous low price for 2022 but still represents a 25% discount.

As a capsule coffee maker, the Nespresso Vertuo Next Deluxe(opens in a new tab) offers simple controls for extra convenience. You get the option to brew 5-ounce, 8-ounce, 14-ounce, or 18-ounce cups of coffee as well as a single or double espresso. Automatically adjusting the pressure, temperature, and brewing time ensures that every type of beverage is brewed to perfection. You obtain a full-bodied cup of coffee topped with the velvety layer of crema you’d expect from your neighborhood coffee shop.

After brewing, the capsule is ejected and stored until you’re ready to recycle the empty aluminum capsules(opens in a new tab). And if your kitchen counter space is limited, the Nespresso Vertuo’s width of 5.5 inches makes it one of their most compact models. Although capsules are not included with this machine, Amazon offers a wide selection of Vertuo capsules(opens in a new tab) to get you started on your next caffeine fix.

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