Coffee Prices Compared: Is Starbucks Really More Expensive Than Dunkin’ and Caribou?

Whether you prefer a cold brew or a pumpkin spice latte, your preferred coffee shop can be a matter of serious allegiance. If you swear by the exact caffeine content of a particular retailer’s breakfast blend, their cappuccino foam artistry, or their tolerance for your excessively modified custom order, you may go out of your way to visit them every day. Occasionally, however, your daily brew may be a matter of convenience, if you visit the coffee shop closest to your workplace or residence, or on the way between the two. Perhaps a combination of both factors is at play.

We’re here to explain the potential financial impact of your daily coffee consumption, regardless of the reason behind your preference for coffee. While we’ve already calculated how much you can save by brewing coffee at home as opposed to frequenting Starbucks (spoiler alert: it can be a lot), here we pit several of America’s largest coffee chains against one another to determine which offers the best value.

Consequently, you may wonder which coffee chain is less expensive: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Caribou Coffee. So, we’ve done the math to determine. (For additional information, see if Trader Joe’s is actually cheaper than other grocery stores and how much your annual Starbucks habit really costs.)

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