The Best Coffee Shops in Las Vegas

As long as digital nomads have a fully charged laptop and mobile hotspot, they can work remotely from anywhere, but some locations are more conducive to remote work than others. The most obvious of these locations is the traditional coffee shop, which has long dominated “third place” workspaces.

While there is no shortage of cute cafes in Las Vegas, these are some of the best places to grab a cup of coffee and fire up your laptop, complete with a lively atmosphere, ample seating, and reliable WiFi. Some specialize in hand-poured, house-roast coffees, while others offer excellent food menus to keep you fueled throughout the day. From Downtown Arts District to Henderson and beyond, here are the best coffee shops to visit among other fall activities in Las Vegas.

Founders Coffee

Since opening its first location in 2019 (which feels like both a minute and a decade ago), Founders Coffee has expanded steadily, adding a second full-service café on St. Rose Parkway in Henderson and a kiosk at a La Bonita Supermarket in Green Valley. All day, they serve a variety of hearty breakfast and brunch items, including toasts, breakfast sandwiches, quiches, bagels, bowls, and pastries, along with traditional espresso drinks, drip coffee, teas, and fruit smoothies. This is more of a place to get dessert-like lattes than an exquisitely crafted cup, but the seating is plentiful, the atmosphere is charming, and the food is delicious. If you’re a fan of lattes, they also offer specialty seasonal latte flights so that you can sample four seasonal signature flavors.


Bad Owl

Bad Owl has a loose Harry Potter theme, so don’t expect a fully immersive Wizarding World of Harry Potter experience, but the owners had fun adding some Potterverse touches, such as a snow-white owl statue in a cage and tables imprinted with phrases like “Espresso Patronum” and “My other car flies.” Belgian waffles are served with “ButterBrew Cream,” but the rest of the menu consists primarily of standard sandwiches and toasts. Bad Owl also roasts its own single-origin and specialty blend coffees and has its own signature lattes and coffee creations, as well as espresso and coffee sampler flights. In addition, a beer and wine menu provides options for when the workday turns into the work night. In addition to their Chicago location, they now have three locations in Las Vegas: Downtown, Henderson, and the Southwest.

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