Column: Coffee roasters in Norwalk and Westport believe in coffee that ‘tastes like something’

If you believe that coffee is a delectable beverage with a complex flavour, seductive aroma, and fascinating origin story, I have some people you should meet.

Dennis Bubbico is a coffee evangelist at Strigo Coffee in Norwalk. His enthusiasm for exceptional coffee is as intoxicating as the aroma of a freshly brewed cup. He’s sending out eye-opening coffees from his small roastery, and they’re going to change the way you think about coffee.

Ilse Coffee, a Westport-based craft roaster, follows a similar philosophy. Lucas Smith and Rebecca Grossman, their business partners, are also believers in high-quality coffee that “tastes like something.”

Coffee, for boutique coffee roasters such as these, is a sophisticated beverage that comes in an exciting variety of styles and flavours.

These passionate coffee enthusiasts source single-origin beans from small growers worldwide and roast them to highlight their unique characteristics. These coffees’ aroma and flavour profiles sound a lot like fine wine.

Indeed, the entire process can be compared to that of winemaking. The region in which beans are grown, the variety of bean, and the indigenous method of handling and fermenting them all contribute to the creation of distinct flavours — terroir, if you will.

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