This startup offers coffee that’s as easy to make as Lipton’s tea

Steeped Coffee is attempting to simplify life for coffee enthusiasts.

Steeped Inc., based in Scotts Valley, offers coffee in bags that can be steeped like tea.

“No machines are required,” CEO Josh Wilbur, who founded the company in 2017, explained. “It is essentially coffee in its simplest form.”

Wilbur was inspired to write Steeped during a Thanksgiving visit to his in-laws. He desired a good cup of coffee during his visit but was hesitant to bring all his brewing supplies.

“I was hesitant to bring an entire suitcase’s worth of equipment… I was adamant about not doing Folgers or pods or anything similar “As Wilbur stated. “I embarked on a journey to resolve that.”

Wilbur finally had a product to launch after a year of travelling internationally and working with barista experts to develop a manufacturing and brewing method that worked. He modelled his coffee brewing technique after the time-honored method for brewing single cups of tea.

Steeped coffee, like Lipton or Tazo tea, is packaged in single-serve bags. To make a new cup, simply heat some water, submerge the bag, and allow it to steep for about five minutes.

“It’s exactly like having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, but at home or at work,” Wilbur explained.

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