The 6 Most Popular Coffee Makers to Gift This Holiday Season, According to Google

Coffee orders are similar to snowflakes in that no two are identical. Thus, finding the ideal gift for the coffee lover in your life can seem like a tall order.

Fortunately, there is assistance available, as Google recently released a list of the top 100 gifts it anticipates people will purchase this holiday season. The predictions, based on search results over the last several months, indicate that we are all still thinking with our stomachs.

The KitchenAid Pro Stand Mixer and the Le Creuset Dutch oven both make an appearance in the Google rankings. There are numerous air fryers available, as well as an Instant Pot. However, coffee—that delectable, caffeine-infused life force—has six distinct products in the top 100. Whether someone prefers to drink an entire pot or sneak a mid-afternoon shot of espresso, there is a coffee machine here for everyone.

Our coffee rituals have shifted over the last year. We’ve all been experimenting in our own kitchens, savouring the morning coffee ritual. And, while you may be ordering a “Taylor’s Latte” at Starbucks, you’re almost certainly thinking about the cold brew concentrate in your refrigerator.

Consider the coffee makers below to determine which one is best for you or the coffee enthusiast in your life. We even discovered a few sales to help you say yes to the espressif (o).

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