Coffee solutions that meet today’s industry challenges

Regarding labor, the restaurant industry faces unprecedented challenges. The combination of labor shortages and rising wages has made it difficult for many businesses to find the employees they need to meet demand. In addition, consumer demand for the newest fashion trends shows no sign of abating. When it comes to beverage trends like cold brew and nitro cold brew coffee, the combination of labor shortages and costs has kept some operators on the sidelines; however, this is not necessary.

Why provide cold brew coffee and nitro coffee?

According to the National Coffee Association, cold brew is the fastest-growing coffee beverage, with approximately one in five Americans under the age of 40 drinking it daily. Research conducted by Datassential in February 2022 indicates that menu references to cold brew have increased by 166% over the past four years, while references to nitro cold brew have increased by a staggering 670%. Given these figures, it is evident that nitro coffee and cold brew represent significant opportunities for operators. Customer satisfaction is reliant on the availability of the most desired foods and beverages, so cold brew and nitro coffee offerings are essential for business owners who wish to remain current.

Previous entry restrictions

For establishments that have not yet added these beverages to their menus, labor and associated costs may be a major concern. Typically, cold brew coffee requires several hours to infuse, which necessitates a demand forecast with room for error. Furthermore, nitro cold brew typically requires cumbersome equipment such as kegs and gas lines for proper dispensing, equipment that many operators lack the space, time, or budget for. These obstacles have been eliminated, thankfully, by the introduction of innovative solutions.

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