Kettles, Grinders and More: The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers According to Pros

If you have a coffee enthusiast in your life, we have the ideal holiday gift guide. From grinding machines to pour over devices to milk frothers and more, this gift guide has something for every coffee enthusiast.

But don’t take our word for it: we polled coffee experts from across the country to determine their favorite gifts.

Check out their suggestions listed below.

How to make the best coffee at home according to your taste, time, and budget
1. Breville Barista Express Impress

According to Andrea Allen, U.S. Barista Champion (2020), World Barista Championship Runner-Up (2021), and co-founder of Arkansas’ Onyx Coffee Lab, this espresso machine is ideal for an aspiring coffee drinker.

Allen explains, “This is the most recent espresso machine release from Breville, and it has some fantastic new features.” “It is equipped with intelligent tamping and dosing technology. It aids the layperson in determining how much coffee should be used for an espresso shot and then in tamping the coffee evenly for optimal espresso brewing.” Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker for $885.17

Simply put, this brewer has been used daily in my home for the past seven years without a single incident. Ross Beamish, director of accounts and partnerships at Seattle’s Anchorhead Coffee Co., asserts, “It just works.” Beamish also mentions that this model regulates temperature and water flow perfectly. Both are necessary to make a good cup of coffee.

According to Beamish, the Bonavita also has a “simple design.” You are “ready to brew” by simply pressing the on switch. AEVO Milk Frothing Machine for $179.99

This is the perfect mug for latte lovers, but it’s also great for hot chocolate. A sturdy and long-lasting milk warmer and frother is required. This model has four modes and eliminates the possibility of milk frothing out of the cup, which can occur with handheld models.

Sahra Nguyen, founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply, imports Vietnamese beans and roasts them in Brooklyn. “I love that this machine can make steamed milk, foam, hot or cold—incredibly it’s versatile.” “Unlike other frothers, which require constant monitoring, the AEVO can be set and then left alone.” 4. The AeroPress Go

This inexpensive device allows users to brew a quick cup of coffee while on the go.

Aeropress is one of the least expensive alternative brewing methods, according to LaNisa Williams, a barista and creator of #BlackinBrew, a social network and platform that highlights Black coffeemakers and companies in Los Angeles. “It is ideal for travel, camping, or brewing a single cup of coffee at home. You can also purchase espresso-making accessories.”

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