Glasgow ‘honesty cafe’ where customers pay what they can afford

Scottish politicians have praised the volunteers who help operate a “Honesty Café” in Dennistoun.

MSPs praised the New Parish Church for providing a lifeline to the community during the cost of living crisis, which has severely affected many people.

Visitors to the café pay only what they can afford to access the space, which includes free Wi-Fi, food, beverages, and social interaction.

A motion was introduced at Holyrood commending the café for being “inclusive and supportive of all members of the community by operating an honesty jar.” The document was signed by MSPs from the Conservative, Labour, and SNP parties.

Reverend Ian McInnes, minister of Dennistoun New Parish Church, stated, “It was a delightful surprise to learn that our Honesty Café, also known as Dennistoun New Den Café, has been recognized by the Scottish Parliament.

“It arose from the question, ‘How can we, as a parish church, serve the parish in a practical, down-to-earth manner?'”

The café, located in the upper hall of the church, is operated by a group of volunteers who serve sandwiches with fillings such as flat sausage, eggs, bacon, cold ham, cheese and tomato, salad, and soup.

Mr. McInnes stated, “The concept behind the café is that anyone and everyone is welcome to stop by, have a chat, and pay what they can afford or nothing if they’re struggling financially.

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