DC based coffee company launches Bitcoin blend in honor of El Salvadoran farmers

According to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, Compass Coffee, a cafe company based in Washington, DC, has partnered with the Embassy of El Salvador to launch Bitcoin Blend, a limited-edition roast dedicated to the farmers of El Salvador.

The company hosted a Bitcoin and El Salvador conference and panel discussion featuring Milena Mayorga, the ambassador of El Salvador to the United States.

“Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the new Bitcoin Blend, made from coffee grown in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador,” said Mayorga. Compass Coffee created it to commemorate the first anniversary of bitcoin adoption in El Salvador.

El Salvador’s rapidly expanding coffee industry will be supported by a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this blend, which contains ingredients from Salvadoran farms.

Max Deem, vice president of operations at Compass Coffee, stated, “Bitcoin offers us the opportunity to connect directly with everyone in the coffee value chain, from the grower to the person operating the coffee mill to the truck driver and the exporter.”

Compass believes that Bitcoin empowers regional small business owners. Thus, while Bitcoin and coffee may not appear to be a natural pairing to some, it makes perfect sense to the leadership of Compass Coffee.

Chas Newman, head of sourcing and production at Compass Coffee, said, “Using bitcoin for payments to our international coffee partners allows us to eliminate many of the extra costs associated with doing business internationally, such as wire transfer fees, and put more value directly into the hands of the individuals who make it possible for us to roast coffee and do what we do every day.”

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