‘I’m a Barista, and This Is the Only Coffee Machine I’ll Brew With at Home’

Being a regular at your favorite coffee shop may bring you great pleasure, but brewing a cup at home can be the reassuring ritual you need to begin the day on the right foot, especially if you have the proper equipment to ensure café-quality coffee. Then, how can you replicate a coffee shop-style brew at home? According to a barista, everything depends on how the coffee is brewed. According to Kyle Stillman, owner of Sociology Coffee Bar in Folsom, California, a Bellwether roaster, the best possible at-home coffee requires the use of the best at-home coffee machine.

The best coffee maker for the home, according to a barista
Stillman recommends purchasing locally roasted coffee, which may be available at your farmers’ market or food co-op, before you begin brewing. This is significant because “when you buy locally, you reduce the waste and environmental costs associated with shipping,” as he explains. Stillman enjoys brewing coffee at home using the pour-over method once he has acquired the perfect beans for his ideal cup. When purchasing specialty roasted coffee, the value is greatest, according to him. In addition to being extremely economical, he claims that it produces the greatest amount of soul-soothing flavor.

The pour-over method tends to create more flavor as it has a longer extraction time in comparison to regular drip coffee. Additionally, by allowing the water to steep in the grinds more slowly and for a longer period of time, you can extract the most flavor from each bean without wasting too much product.

Stillman assures, “This method will ensure that you get the most flavor out of your coffee because you can brew hot enough with a kettle to properly extract the coffee, and specialty coffee deserves to be brewed properly.” This is the moment we’ve all been anticipating: What is the one coffee maker that this expert cannot live without? It is more of a device than a machine, and its name is OREA.

“Our favorite brewer is an OREA V3 brewer, which allows for a finer grind and slightly better extraction,” says Stillman. This small, ultra-durable tool has the advantages of flatbed brewers, such as the Kalita Wave Coffee Brewer, which has a larger surface area and allows water to flow through more quickly, resulting in a shorter extraction time. In addition, conical brewers, such as the Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper Pour Over Cone, produce an incredibly flavorful brew because the water flows evenly through the coffee grounds as it is funneled down the cone.

The OREA, a hybrid of the flat-bottom and cone, combines a rapid flow rate with an even and consistent extraction. The upper portion of the brewer is comprised of 100 percent post-consumer recycled Polypropylene plastic. Meanwhile, the base is comprised of reclaimed bottle caps, takeout containers, and Tupperware sourced locally.

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