This Stanwood coffee stand serves up colorful drinks and a good sense of humor – 2022’s Best

STANWOOD, Wash. — Bean and Brew on 532 is the winner of our 2022 Best of Western Washington Contest for Best Unique Coffee Drink.

Our very own Jose Cedeno took to the road to visit another Best of Western Washington contest winner. When he went, it was early, cold, and raining — ideal conditions for a cup of coffee!

Bean and Brew on 532 in Stanwood, Washington, fortunately, has the goods!

Shay Bennett stated, “This is my soul and heart.” Although we are small, we are bright.

Bennett has 15 years of experience as a barista.

“The flavor must be present. “It must be consistent every time,” said Bennett. When someone takes the time to make a drink look as amazing as possible, it makes you feel special and encourages you to return.

During Jose’s visit, many colorful and unique drinks, such as The Hurricane, were pouring from the window!

“This is a bottle of Lotus Energy Drink. Bennett said, “It is blended, layered, colorful, delicious, and loaded with caffeine.” “Begins your day.”

Alycia Mills stated, “I think the secret is love, attention, and compassion.” “What is it, our sense of humor?”

Bennett stated, “Our objective is for you to leave feeling better than when you arrived.” “We belong to a family.

Jose was inspired after witnessing Shay’s commitment to crafting the perfect drink.

He stated, “I want to learn how to make an excellent cup of coffee.” “How can I achieve this?”

Bennett stated, “I believe you are capable.” “I believe you are capable of making the best cookies and cream iced coffee!”

The top? Let’s see.

At the request of a customer, a smiley face was desired. So, how’d Jose do?

“I may need assistance with my artistic abilities,” Jose said.

“Oh, you did great!” Bennett said.

“Yeah. Without a doubt, this will wake me up,” Jose laughed. ”

Why did Jose actually visit Bean and Brew on 532? They won Best Unique Coffee Drink in the Best of Western Washington contest in 2022!

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