Kiwi coffee lovers hit by shortage of popular alternative milk

If you’re a fan of coconut milk, you may have been unable to find your preferred dairy alternative in coffee recently, as one of the most popular brands is experiencing supply issues.

Since August, Alpro’s barista coconut milk has been in short supply due to container delays.

Distributor of the brand in New Zealand, Real Foods Ltd, reported having only a quarter of the necessary stock in the country. Independent cafes and smaller chains have lost out as the available products are “ring-fenced” for large purchasers such as BP Energy.

Jonny McKessar, owner of Scratch Bakers in Auckland, stated, “We’ve been out for about four or five weeks now.” According to him, the last order he placed was for three cases, but they received three bottles.

McKessar stated that he waited a while before looking for an alternative, but has since begun using a less popular coconut milk brand. He stated that they will return to Alpro once it becomes available.

The Nourishing Baker, a small cafe in Tauranga, has posted signs informing customers that it is out of coconut milk. Shar McElligott, the proprietor, stated, “We had a stockpile, so we’ve only been out for the past week.” Other brands they have tried “cannot compare to Alpro in terms of flavor.”

The restaurant in Tauranga typically consumes 20 liters of coconut milk per week. McElligott stated that some customers have left because they do not possess the item at present. “We are currently out of almonds, so hopefully this is not the next shortage.”

Due to the Alpro shortage, local products such as Little Island’s barista coconut milk have seen an increase in sales. “We’ve heard that cafe owners are restricted from purchasing other brands of coconut milk,” said co-founder James Crow. We have also seen a significant increase in sales to distributors who service cafes and restaurants nationwide.

Crow stated, “We all face obstacles, but it’s easier to face them head-on when your products are made in New Zealand, like Little Island.”

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