The Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers That Yield Exceptional, Flavor-Packed Brews

Users of the best cold brew coffee makers should be able to enjoy rich, velvety cups of coffee with just the right amount of intensity and a consistent flavor profile. More than anything else, however, these specialized machines should be as simple to operate as their hot coffee maker counterparts, devoid of unnecessary bells and whistles that do not improve the quality of the final beverage. (Our top pick, the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot, is incredibly simple and fuss-free, allowing for easy, precise brewing.)

Those who prefer their coffee iced are aware that excellent cold brew should not be difficult to find. According to La Colombe’s Senior Director of Café Josey Markiewicz, cold brewing is the simplest, yet most time-consuming way to prepare coffee. “All that is required is a container, coffee, a scale, filtration, and time.” As with espresso machines, there are a variety of cold brew makers available, but when shopping, it is important to consider the following: general usability, capacity, and brew method. We’ve compiled the following list of the best cold brew coffee makers on the market in 2022 after days of intensive research and expert input.

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