Central Perk Will Be There for You — but You’re Not Missing Much if You Aren’t There for It, Too

The “Friends”-themed coffee shop, Central Perk, opened on Newbury Street in honor of the show’s decade-long run on TV. The cafe features motifs and references to the show, including iconic oversized mugs and an orange couch. The menu is dedicated to different characters and episodes, such as Joey’s Meatball Sandwich, Rachel’s Side Salad, and the Moist Maker from “The One With Ross’ Sandwich.” The cafe was delayed due to the death of star Matthew Perry on October 28. Despite the high demand, the coffee and food were exceptional, reminiscent of a Panera Bread sandwich. However, the cafe’s vibe was disappointing, with hard and clean chairs and couches. The TV-version of Central Perk has an intimate setting and moody lighting, but the cafe is not meant to be a place for procrastination or spending hours in a dark, dirty, and loitering environment. Instead, Central Perk serves as a fun tourist attraction for fans of the show to shop in the souvenir section and take a photo on the signature couch.

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