Caffè Borbone Elevates the American Coffee Experience with a Grand Entrance

Caffè Borbone, originating from Naples, Italy, is introducing its unique coffee experience to the US market. The company, founded in 1997, is a leading producer of single-portioned coffee in compostable pods and capsules compatible with popular dispensing systems. With a strong commercial network and marketing efforts, the company has seen increasing sales volumes. Caffè Borbone’s mission is to redefine the American coffee experience by delivering deliciousness, sustainability, and the art of sharing.

The company’s American venture is centered around K-Cup®* Compostable Coffee Pods, which embody the commitment of a premium Italian coffee brand to sustainable practices. The coffee pods offer a range of Italian-inspired flavors, from Positano to Ravello, and are crafted with meticulous sourcing, blending, and roasting to create an unparalleled experience in every cup. This is not just about coffee, but also a cultural bridge, allowing customers to experience the heart of Italy with every sip.

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