Lewisburg Coffee Shop Shows Community ‘Good Quality Coffee’

Vicente Ramirez, a passionate coffee enthusiast, has opened a specialty coffee shop in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Culture Coffee, located at 216 Saint John Street, aims to provide high-quality coffee to the community. Ramirez’s main focus is on the coffee, as he believes that other coffee shops are more focused on food. After moving from Guatemala to Milton, Ramirez became a picky coffee aficionado and began selling Culture Coffee of Guatemala. After a year and a half of vending Culture Coffee, Ramirez took time off to learn the coffee process in Guatemala and attended classes on coffee roasting at Coffee Project NY. He returned to north central Pennsylvania and found Lewisburg to be an ideal location to bring his specialties. The community has been receptive to Ramirez’s brews, with the first day being a full house. Ramirez plans to have a grand opening event in April and add outside seating in the front lot. The interior space features white furnishings with warm wood accents, and the space is welcoming, open, clean, and modern. Ramirez feels supported by the community and hopes to keep the momentum going.

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