Coffee gadgets to try for barista-style results

For many, a cup of coffee in the morning is one of life’s great small pleasures. While there are times when we wish we could kick our caffeine addiction, especially when it’s difficult to find a good cup, we’re generally quite content with this daily dependency.

If your coffee habit has grown stale, percolating away in the same routine, it may be time to step up your game and extract a little more enjoyment from each cup.

Perhaps you’re looking to ditch store-bought coffee and try your hand at DIY espresso to save money, or perhaps it’s time to upgrade your home equipment and pay closer attention to your grinds.

Whatever your motivation, we’ve compiled a list of gadgets that may help you re-energize your morning coffee.

While an espresso machine is a significant investment, if your coffee habit has been your longest relationship and things are getting serious, it’s probably worth investing in a home machine that will ultimately save you money.

Prices range from less than a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, so how serious are your commitments, and more importantly, what can you afford? CHOICE experts have discovered fantastic machines for as little as $79 up to $3299.

Another consideration is whether you are prepared for the labor-intensive nature of a manual espresso machine versus the low-maintenance nature of a pod espresso machine. For true coffee connoisseurs, there is no substitute for a manual machine due to the nuances of flavour and intricacies of the grind that can be customised.

If your coffee habit has been the longest-lasting relationship in your life and things are getting serious, it’s probably worth investing in a home espresso machine.

According to CHOICE expert Adrian Lini, it’s worth considering their size, the requirement for numerous additional gadgets, and ease of use. “The machine must also be warmed up, and it may take a beginner a long time to produce espressos that are comparable to those found at the neighbourhood café,” he says.

For those who prefer a consistent brew without the fuss, a convenient and simple-to-use pod machine is ideal, with each cup comfortably predictable. Whichever route you take, be sure to read our coffee machine reviews first, as there are a few duds out there.

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