The Best Coffee Shop In Every State

Starbucks is perpetually crowded for some reason. And not to disparage the big green mermaid, which does serve some respectable brews, but if you visit many cities across the country, you’ll find plenty of small, local establishments serving far superior fare with little wait. And this is not a regional phenomenon limited to Seattle or Portland. Each state has a slew of independently owned coffee shops that roast their own beans, craft their own drinks, and create truly regional environments.

Thus, which states have the best coffee shops? To find the answer to this burning question, we spoke with residents across the country, travelled across the country, and, yes, even consulted some online experts. What we discovered is that regardless of where you are in America, there is a place that provides a more authentic, local experience than a large national chain. If you find yourself in any of these cities, make a point of visiting these coffee shops.

Alabama: Union Prevail Facebook
Prevail Union appears on the surface to be a sleek, upscale coffee bar, complete with pour-over coffees from around the world. However, delve deeper and you’ll discover that this location on Montgomery’s famed Dexter Avenue is steeped in history. Prevail Union is located directly across from the department store where Rosa Parks worked on the day she refused to give up her bus seat, and other buildings still display segregated water fountains as historical reminders, all of which provide a glimpse into the city’s civil rights history.

Facebook page for Alaska’s Heritage Coffee Roasting Company
Sourcing almost anything other than salmon is difficult when you live in Alaska’s remote environs. But Heritage Coffee in Juneau manages to get some of the best coffee beans from all over the world, though you can only visit the city via plane or boat. They roast the stuff right in downtown Juneau, where Heritage has expanded to eight locations around the city with a homey, Alaskan feel. Additionally, the company is an active member of the Juneau community, donating to a variety of local organisations and promoting children’s and arts organisations.

Exo Roast Company in Arizona on Facebook
After you make your stop for the best hot dog in Arizona at El Guero Canelo, stave off your food coma by heading to Exo for a solid jolt of caffeine. You’ll get a fully local experience with stuff like the mesquite cold brew. Or try the chiltepin cold brew, a spicy, fruity coffee. The creative coffees draw some of Tucson’s more imaginative people to work from the shop, and you shouldn’t be at all surprised to see a musician you caught at a live show the night before sitting next to you as you sip.

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