IncaFé Organic Coffee focuses on sustainability and quality coffee

The Taste of Taranaki pop-up features an organic coffee company based in New Plymouth.

IncaFé Organic Coffee is one of approximately twenty food producers in the pop-up. Carmen Castro, the proprietor, expresses delight at being a part of the pop-up.

“Taranaki is home to some exceptional entrepreneurs. I adore the region and am proud to call it home as an entrepreneur.”

Carmen says the business has been operating for nearly 15 years and that environmental stewardship has been a priority from the start.

“We were certified Organic Coffee and Fairtrade in our first year. Since 2008, IncaFé Organic Coffee has been Toit carbon zero certified. This means that we compensate for all of our emissions. Compostable packaging is used for all of our products. We believe that everyone has an obligation to alter their lifestyles in order to protect our environment. It is not difficult to accomplish.”

IncaFé Organic Coffee sources certified organic and Fairtrade coffee beans directly from select growers in Peru and Sumatra, as well as beans from Ethiopia via a third party.

“IncaFé Organic Coffee’s coffee beans are grown in forested ecosystems where indigenous trees, canopy shade, and an abundance of insect and bird life all contribute to healthy plants growing in fertile soil and producing full-flavoured coffee beans.”

She says the absence of chemicals and artificial pesticides protect coffee farmers from the negative side effects of non-organic coffee production.

“Consequences include contamination of drinking water and a strong reliance on expensive chemicals. Organic coffee plantations provide much-needed jobs and crops for local food supply and construction materials. Resulting in a healthier, more-balanced lifestyle for communities involved.”

The coffee is available at some Pak’nSave and New World stores nationwide, and the Taste of Taranaki pop-up in Eltham.

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