This sleek stainless steel Brim coffee grinder is $25 today and today only

Each morning, grinding your own coffee beans is preferable for a variety of reasons: To begin, purchasing coffee as a whole bean and preparing it yourself saves money; second, the beans retain their fresh flavour much longer. Thirdly, it tastes absolutely divine. Brim’s effective handheld grinder is currently $24.99 instead of $38.99 today and tomorrow only.

Brim’s grinder is designed with the flavour of coffee — and maximum extraction — in mind: Stainless steel blades help maintain the freshness and aroma of the coffee, and the chamber holds up to 30 grammes of beans (definitely enough to get you going). You may be surprised at how slowly this grinder operates, but it actually contributes to the coffee’s flavour retention by generating less heat. And, while the one-button operation may give the impression that this is a simple machine, it features nine size settings to ensure the perfect grind for French press or espresso. Purchase it before the deal expires on Woot!

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