Vienna launches campaign to help iconic coffee houses

Cafes in Vienna have weathered numerous storms over the years, from the 1950s coffee boom to the 2008 real estate crash. However, the uncertainty and revenue loss caused by the Covid pandemic have created never-before-seen problems for small neighbourhood coffee shops.

This is why, in 2020, a private initiative called Das Wiener Kaffeehaus Club was established to assist in the collection of financial aid for cafes. The club raised 50,000 euros and distributed it through rental assistance. The campaign ‘We love our coffee house’ has already raised 100,000 euros.

The initiative will reward coffee houses with a five-euro bonus for every purchase made with Bluecode, regardless of the amount consumed. Bluecode is a financial services company that specialises in contactless payments via phone.

Additionally, each month, participating coffee houses will receive payments based on consumption, with the remaining funds being shared equally among all participating cafes.

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