Focus on Black-owned Businesses: Coffee craving prompts Macedonia couple to open shop

It all began with a desire for coffee.

When Brittany and Dre Wiley took a break from speaking with their home builder to get a cup of coffee, they discovered something about Macedonia, the country they were about to call home.

“We discovered that the neighbourhood lacked a coffee shop,” Brittany explained.

The Wileys, both 33, saw a need for a local coffee shop and opened Mocha Coffee Co. on 777 E. Aurora Road in Macedonia. On Dec. 2, the company held its grand opening and ribbon cutting.

“We are a coffee and wine drinking family,” Brittany explained. “As soon as we became aware of the void in the community, we set out to fill it.”

Opening a single business during a global pandemic is noteworthy in and of itself, but the Wileys are also opening Magna Wine Boutique locations in Bedford in May 2020 and Cuyahoga Falls in January 2021.

Brittany is the president of Magna Wine, and Dre is the vice president.

“Dre and I have been involved in adult beverages for nearly a decade,” Brittany explained. “Both of us have worked for large corporations, essentially the market leaders in adult beverages. We are passionate about wine and hospitality.”

Brittany stated that Mocha Coffee Co. “sources our beans from reputable sources.” For instance, they serve a light roast made from Ethiopian beans and a dark roast made from Columbian beans.

Additionally, Mocha Coffee serves tea and hot chocolate.

Their mocha is one of their specialities.

“The mocha is unquestionably exceptional,” she stated. “The Honeybee latte is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Another plus, Brittany mentioned, is that the staff is also local.

“Dre and I have spent the majority of our lives in Northeast Ohio,” she explained. “We purchased our first home and established our first business in Bedford. For us, it’s all about community.”

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