Chamberlain Coffee Launches Environmentally Friendly Coffee Pods

Los Angeles, California, December 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chamberlain Coffee, the leading coffee lifestyle brand created by Emma Chamberlain, has announced the release of their first-ever Coffee Pods. The launch signifies a new era of convenience for the brand and exemplifies their commitment to innovation and ability to meet customer demands. The packaging of this brand’s Coffee Pods is commercially compostable, setting them apart from their competitors.

Made from Chamberlain Coffee’s Original Family Blend, the Coffee Pods will feature their best-selling medium roast coffee, enabling the company to provide consumers with its premium and delicious product in an even more convenient format. Each Coffee Pod is made from patented plant-based materials and is compatible with all Keurig-style brewing machines. Over 15 billion plastic pods are produced annually, with 90 percent of them ending up in landfills or being burned; therefore, Chamberlain Coffee’s Coffee Pod production contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable system.

Christopher Gallant, CEO of Chamberlain Coffee, exclaimed, “We are ecstatic to continue bringing customer-driven products to life while also championing a worthy cause.” “Customers have been requesting Coffee Pods for some time, but before launching, we wanted to find a sustainable solution. We are confident that our fans will adore the new product that we have spent months perfecting.”

Chamberlain Coffee has become a major player in the coffee industry since the brand’s launch in 2020. After raising $7 million in August, the company has been able to develop new products, reach new audiences, and achieve some of its highest sales to date.

Additionally, Chamberlain Coffee has demonstrated to their fans that their success extends far beyond coffee products. From their wildly successful launch of flavored matcha earlier this year to their most recent tea launch, Chai, which quickly became their second-best-performing product to date, this company has a proven track record of success. The brand also offers a variety of lifestyle products (ranging from branded merchandise to custom coffee accessories) to attract new audiences and broaden its appeal.

Chamberlain Coffee’s Coffee Pods are sold in packs of 10 for $16 at Follow @chamberlaincoffee on Instagram to learn more about Chamberlain Coffee and to stay abreast of the company’s newest product launches.

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