I Tried RiSE, the Hyped Coffee Subscription, to See If It’s Worth It

Coffee is a lifeline and a daily ritual that helps to soothe our screens-fried, sleep-addled, and stressed-out brains. RISE Coffee, a brand claiming to redefine the coffee game through monthly subscription boxes, offers a simple subscription starting from £15 per month. Customers can choose from one to four bags of top-quality coffee from independent roasters across the UK, and choose which blends they want, how they want them, and how often they want them.

The company’s commitment to being a conscious brand is evident in their launch of the Friendly Coffee Fund, which sends 1% of all sales back to coffee-growing communities. They also partner with Agri Evolve, a social enterprise based in Uganda, to support education programs among the coffee-growing communities of the Rwenzori Mountains.

In an era where corporate coffee brands are frequently in the news regarding deforestation, RISE Coffee offers a genuinely ethical cup for once. If you’re done with early morning sprints to the local supermarket, a monthly box of beans from RISE might be a rewarding solution. There’s no fancy jargon; just damn good coffee with a side of good conscience. Life’s too short for bad coffee, right?

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