Light House Coffee Expands With Room for Seating, Roasting, Coffee Classes and More

Light House Coffee on Lee Drive has expanded its space and seating to accommodate more customers, including caffeine drinkers, students, and remote workers. The expansion adds 1,400 square feet of space, providing 35-40 more seats, storage, office space, additional kitchen space, and roasting opportunities. The extra square footage was sourced from a neighboring business that was previously using the space for storage. Owner Amber Elworth said the expansion was necessary to grow the business and address the lack of seats in the shop.

The planning and buildout began in September and was completed in November. The new space opened casually before Thanksgiving, filling up quickly. The new addition retains the same black-and-white color scheme and natural wood accents, but is designed to have its own ambiance. Curvy tables feature wood paneling that runs from the floor to the ceiling for a waterfall effect.

Light House also acquired roasters to create its own coffee to use in its drinks and sell to customers. This will allow the coffee shop to be more profitable and hire more employees, including refugees who know how to work with coffee. The focus is on perfecting the beans for its espresso first, then fine-tuning beans for other signature drinks on the menu.

A new kitchen space is located in the back of the coffee shop, where employees can whip up food orders for customers. This space helps meet the demand for pastries and small plates from the menu, which customers love. The expansion will also allow for more events at the coffee shop, such as private parties and coffee classes.

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