ReAnimator Coffee Workers Authorize Strike, the Second Barista Union to Do So in 2 Weeks

ReAnimator Coffee’s union has authorized a strike, marking the second independent barista union to do so in two weeks. The union, which represents 26 employees across five ReAnimator cafes in Philadelphia, plans to strike if a contract is not reached at a bargaining session slated for Thursday. In a bargaining session earlier this month, ReAnimator offered baristas a starting rate of $10.75, which many workers started at two years ago. After several moments, the company’s principal owner, Mark Capriotti, said to his workers, “We are not the same people as you.” The company then offered a $11.29 starting rate.

ReAnimator’s union and ownership started negotiating the economic terms of their contract earlier this fall, when workers expressed frustration at the slow pace of the process. The company sent its first counteroffer to the union on Nov. 30 and sent others on Dec. 6 and 8. Local 80, the nascent food-service labor union representing ReAnimator workers, shared a statement with The Inquirer on Tuesday afternoon.

ReAnimator workers unionized in November 2022 and were voluntarily recognized by the cafe’s owners shortly after. This inspired workers at sister establishment eeva to unionize last January and the Kensington bakery/pizzeria closed in October. Elixr Coffee’s union also authorized a strike late last month, just hours before a bargaining session. Workers ratified the contract last week.

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