Sky Coffee: Miami’s New Airplane Coffee Shop

Sky Coffee Buenos Aires is a new coffee shop in Miami, opened on November 30, 2023, located in Brickell. The unique aspect of the establishment is that it is housed in the front of the fuselage of a retired McDonnell Douglas MD-88 jet. The owner, a Uruguayan woman who wanted to become a flight attendant but was told she was too short, decided to open a coffee shop with an aviation theme. She eventually bought part of the MD-88 from an ex-Delta pilot in Leesburg and sold her house to pay for this.

Despite not paying for marketing, the concept has gained significant media attention, with lines dozens of people deep and products sold out. The owners have dedicated their space to the aviation theme, with a metal detector outside the door and two sets of stairs that allow customers to walk through a small part of the cabin or order from an exterior window.

The cabin features a galley with two rows of seats, with four first class seats facing in the same direction and four economy seats facing one another. The overhead bins have not been changed and still bear Delta branding. However, the restaurant is technically considered a food truck, so customers can only eat and drink in the outdoor area, which has tables and chairs. The cabin also has a counter where customers can order drinks, cakes, empanadas, and other items prepared by the staff.

The menu includes an extensive menu of drinks and a smaller menu of food options, including the popular Tierra Del Fuego cappuccino, made with edible 24K gold and an exquisite gold-wrapped chocolate truffle. The cappuccino is priced at $19.50, but it is worth trying compared to the gold cappuccino at the Burj Al Arab Dubai.

Although the coffee is good and the presentation of drinks is nice, the quality of the food is not as high as expected. Sky Coffee Buenos Aires is a cute spot with good coffee and decent food, but the unique theme and the story behind it make it a must-visit destination in Miami.

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