Downtown Fresno Coffee Shop Temporarily Closed Due to Strike

Fulton Street Coffee in downtown Fresno has closed due to a strike by its employees. The coffee shop, known for its role in revitalizing the area, has been at the corner of Tuolumne and Fulton streets for several years and has recently expanded. The workers posted an “Open letter to dearly loved Fulton Street coffee customers” on Instagram, complaining about a “severe degree of neglect in maintaining a humane, equitable, and stable working environment.” The letter mentions changes to time sheets to avoid paying overtime, issues with heat in the cafe, unfair agreements for additional labor, power shutoffs, and a culture of fear, favoritism, and bullying. There was also a disagreement over displaying a Pride flag and tipping options being altered on their payment system, which they suspect will lead to less take-home pay. Food Mood Kitchen, which provides pastries to Fulton Street Coffee, will not be supplying the coffee shop while the workers are on strike. The workers are seeking the return of the previous tipping system, fixing of hazards in the cafe, and repairs mandated by the Fresno County Health Department. They also want to close one day a week or hire additional staff so each worker can have two days off per week. The workers also want to buy the business and turn it into an employee-owned cooperative, which they believe would resolve the dispute.

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