Dearborn’s Jabal Coffee House Wins Over Locals, Declared “Better Than Starbucks” by Customers

Dearborn’s newest coffee shop, Jabal Coffee House, has become the hottest spot in town and has customers declaring it better than Starbucks. The Yemeni-inspired coffee house opened on November 13 near Michigan Avenue and Mason Street in West Dearborn. Customers like Halle Heinz are ready to ‘cut out’ Starbucks and cash in on Jabal coffee.

The name Jabal comes from the Arabic word “mountains,” meaning some of the best coffee in the world is farmed near the top of the mountains in Yemen. The owners, Saqr Waza and Gamal Waza, want to bring this coffee to the community and showcase it. Jabal offers Yemeni-inspired hot coffee and tea, iced lattes, fraps, and refreshers, as well as mouthwatering pastries like cheesecakes and milk cakes.

Jabal’s pre-order and customizable friendly app, stunning interior and exterior design, and private rooms set it apart from the rest of the crowd. Gamal Waza, Saqr’s brother and co-owner, believes opening Jabal is a dream come true for him and his brothers.

Sourcing Jabal coffee from Yemen gives farmers back home a much-needed boost they could use. The rapid success of Jabal Coffee House is credited to its coffee, service, and hospitality, but it comes at a time when many locals are looking for alternatives to Starbucks amid boycotts over Israel.

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