Black Creek Roastery Opens New Coffee Shop in the Village’s Downtown

A Clintonville family has turned coffee roasting into a professional business after the pandemic. Mile 22 Roastery, which has been in operation since 2021, opened its coffee shop on December 2 in Black Creek. Co-founder Greg Forsberg discovered his passion for roasting his own coffee during the pandemic and turned it into a full-time job and two businesses. The family, including his wife Charlee Forsberg and daughter Alicia Forsberg, have been involved in the roasting business since they helped Greg found the company. Charlee coordinates inventory and handles finance, while Alicia is a marketing and brand manager.

Mile 22 has been selling its coffee at farmers markets in Clintonville, Shawano, Greenville, and Black Creek, and online. In 2023, the family unexpectedly opened their own coffee shop and storefront, which they believe was an important step in growing their business. The family is “super excited” about the shop and has received “lots of support” from community members.

Since the grand opening, the coffee shop has hired its first employee, launched a holiday drink menu with treats like sweet matcha lattes and peppermint cold brews, and started selling baked goods from local caterer Kelsey’s Country Kitchen. The roastery maintains its online store, where it sells coffee roasts and other merchandise, like travel mugs.

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