Wawa Attains Goal Of Serving 100% Sustainably Sourced Coffee

From: csnews.com

WAWA, Pa. — Wawa Inc. reached its goal of offering 100 percent sustainably sourced coffee through partnerships with certified coffee growers.

All regular brews and espresso-based beverages offered by the convenience retailer are now sustainably sourced, and all Wawa everyday brews bear the Rainforest Alliance seal.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization that works to develop and promote farming standards that protect the environment and promote the well-being of workers, their families and their communities. These standards help to ensure that farm workers have safe working conditions, housing, and access to medical care and schools for their children. Rainforest Alliance-certified farms work to protect ecosystems, including wildlife habitat, water and soil, according to Wawa.

Wawa Reserve Origin limited-time offer brews will be sustainably sourced through either the Rainforest Alliance or other certifications.

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