Baoshan coffee makers say EU deal promises high-value future

With a similar topography and climate to Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountains, Baoshan in south-west China is ideal for cultivating the finest arabica coffee.

Farmers harvested over 44,000 tonnes of beans over the last two years, with a large portion going to export.

While the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the industry, locals are optimistic about the long-term benefits of a historic agreement with the European Union (EU).

China and the EU committed at the end of 2019 to protect at least 100 of each other’s geographical indicators. Baoshan coffee was chosen as one of the products and will benefit from an enhanced status in Europe as a result.

“Over time, the agreement will strengthen our bargaining position, and I believe the government will implement some new support policies,” Li Xiaobo, Yunnan’s head of the coffee industry, told CGTN.

As the market begins to recover, coffee producers are focusing their efforts on higher-value-added products such as freeze-dried and cold-brew coffees.

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