Coffee industry targets 6-billion-USD export value in 2030

The Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association has set a target of 5-6 billion USD in coffee export revenue in 2030, more than doubling the current level.

To achieve this figure, experts believe the domestic coffee industry must increase the percentage of processed coffee products from less than 10% to around 25% or even more.

However, increasing the proportion of processed coffee products is a significant challenge for the industry due to the sophistication of technology, the complexity of factory operations, and farmer awareness.

Vietnam currently has 160 coffee roasting plants, 11 coffee blending plants, and eight instant coffee processing plants. The number of instant coffee processing plants is limited, and the majority of them are operating at less than half of their design capacity.

On the other hand, Vietnam’s processed coffee brands continue to be marginalised in the global market, and branding requires significant investment and effort.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai stated that in order to reach the 6 billion USD target, Vietnam’s coffee industry must strengthen ties between production and trade, expand export markets, and develop products associated with brand building, all of which contribute to the establishment of a sustainable coffee value chain.

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