Global warming could have an unsavory impact on coffee

If you’re a coffee enthusiast or self-proclaimed java addict, you may place a high premium on coffee’s importance in your daily life.

While we recognise the value of coffee, the people who grow them are the ones who are directly impacted by the beans and, in turn, your love for it.

According to InsideClimateNews, coffee cultivation supports the livelihoods of approximately 100 million farmers worldwide.

You may want to take a seat for this, but a recent study found that approximately 60% of 124 different wild coffee species are currently threatened with extinction.

That is even before we discuss the future consequences of climate change.

The same study examined the wild Arabica plant, from which the majority of cultivated coffee is derived, and classified it as endangered.

According to Aaron P. Davis, a senior research leader at the Royal Botanic Gardens in England and co-author of the studies, rising global temperatures pose a threat to coffee farmers.

“We should be concerned about the extinction of any species for a variety of reasons, but in the case of coffee, I believe we should remember that the cup in front of us originated in the wild,” Davis said.

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