Saudi Arabia celebrates ‘Year of Saudi Coffee’ at Expo 2020 Dubai

Saudi Arabia’s initiative to declare 2022 the “Year of Saudi Coffee” spilt over into its pavillion at Expo 2020 Dubai, with an information campaign emphasising the importance of honouring one of the Kingdom’s primary cultural and folklore elements.

A short film discussed the significance and status of coffee in Saudi society, as well as its various varieties, flavours, and tastes, as these varieties represent the Kingdom’s various regions, according to state news agency SPA.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest coffee consumers, and is currently pursuing self-sufficiency in Khawlani coffee beans and increasing its economic return in order to contribute to non-oil GDP growth.
The short film featured scenes highlighting the significance of coffee in Saudi society, as well as its various varieties and flavours, each of which represents a different region of the Kingdom.

Visitors to the pavillion were able to sample various varieties of coffee grown throughout the Kingdom.
According to Hussain Hanbazazah, the pavilion’s commissioner general, the Saudi pavillion has attracted “over 2 million visitors in the first three months.”

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