Here’s What Makes Koji-Fermented Coffee Unique

Coffee, arguably one of the most popular beverages consumed worldwide, is experiencing a renaissance in the modern era. There have never been more coffee shops and cafes dedicated to serving the perfect “cup of joe,” and the options for which beans to use and how to enjoy a cup of coffee seem limitless.

Another factor fueling the global coffee obsession is a desire for transparency about how our coffee is produced. Consumers want to know where the beans are grown geographically, whether they are ethically farmed, sustainably produced, and environmentally friendly, and whether they offer any unique health benefits that distinguish them from a standard cup of coffee. While many food and beverage trends come and go, there is a new type of coffee that is predicted to be the next big thing in 2022: Koji-fermented coffee

What is koji-fermented coffee exactly?

Koji-fermented coffee is a relatively new product on the market and is being marketed as a cheaper alternative to Southeast Asian speciality coffees such as cat poo (Kopi luwak or civet coffee) and elephant poo (Black Ivory Coffee). Both types of coffee are produced in a similar manner by feeding fresh coffee berries to mammals that digest the beans, ferment them in their stomachs, and then defecate the beans. They are then processed further to create a more refined, less bitter coffee that is highly prized (via NPR).

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