NKG Coffee Mills Kenya Shuts Down Milling Operations After Failing to Secure a License

Kenyan coffee miller NKG Coffee Mills Limited is shutting down its milling business in Kenya due to the failure to secure a government license. The closure follows the implementation of the Coffee Regulations 2019 and the Capital Markets (Coffee Exchange) Regulations 2020. The Capital Markets (Coffee Exchange) Regulations 2020 granted the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) the power to license coffee exchanges and brokers. The miller has already sent redundant letters to some employees whose posts will no longer be required. The Regional Head of HR, Hellen Akumu, stated that certain posts within the company’s staff establishment may become redundant. The miller will conduct consultative meetings in January and February this year before making final plans, including redudancies. If no alternative is found, the redundancy will be effective from 29th February 2024, as per existing laws.

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