Brazil Tourism Bureau Mistakenly Shares Tourist’s Post About Country’s Violence: ‘My Family And I Were Robbed’


Brazil’s tourism bureau is expressing regret over a post it mistakenly shared on its official Instagram page Tuesday — a post which shared a family’s experience with violent crime while visiting the South American country.

The Brazilian Agency of International Tourism Promotion (Embratur) shared a graphic the tourist had created, which called for people not to visit Rio de Janeiro because of the violence she claims she and her family witnessed while there.

The graphic, which contained a shot of Christ the Redeemer statue, was overlaid with text reading, “Rio is such a beautiful city, but beautiful is not enough.”

The post, which was originally shared by Instagram user Withlai, went on to describe crimes the tourist allegedly witnessed.

“I just spent 3 days in Rio with my family, and in those 3 days: – my family and I were robbed & – my 9-year-old sister witnessed a violent robbery,” it continued.

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